[LMB] Sharing knife: Things lost

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 29 13:54:01 GMT 2019

From: Corrina Lawson <corrinaannelawson at gmail.com>

So, really, there wasn't a plan for this apocalyptic event and the
survivors stumbled onto what worked by trial and error--which may explain
why so much of the world is blighted. It took that much trial and error to
develop a system....

Gwynne: Malice killing doesn't really lend itself to repeated trial and error.
And the solution isn't something you'd get to in a hurry. I think it was the
method developed during that final conflict, by people who knew about
the creation of... something.... or the structure of power of the leader, and
who desperately used the method, or something close. The first Lakewalkers
were the survivors and their descendants. Over time details were lost, extra
information was lost or deliberately withheld. 'Do this. It works.' So no
variation was considered.

Makes you wonder what the rest of their magic was like, and was based on.

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