[LMB] Sharing Knife: The Raintree malice

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 30 15:36:08 GMT 2019

The trapped makers are unsettling, and Dag makes the tough, correct,
painful decision to leave them. Being the boss is no fun.

And we finally get to the malice kill. It's the most advanced that Dag has
ever seen, beautiful. And looking a lot like a Lakewalker. Dag nearly gets
groundripped when he rips the malice to save Utau. And then he mind-
melds with the malice. (That was AWESOME!)  Also unsettling. Just how
much affinity is there between malices and Lakewalkers?

Just what was it trying to do? A tower... drawing in ground... how much
more was it going to evolve? Is there a final stage when it's finished?

Ok, we don't know and we'll probably never know.

Mari tossed her knife to Dirla, the way Dag did to Fawn.  Patrollers are
more pragmatic than makers, they're prepared to try whatever works.

Fawn knows that something is very wrong. She's desperately unhappy,
but as she waits she's already planning for the worst. And if he doesn't
come back she'd be devastated... and she'd go on. She's already considering
where she'd go, how she'd live. Fawn can live without Dag if she has to.
I don't think he would go on if he lost her.

Dag isn't so good when he wakes up (I love it when he holds up his hook
and says 'How many fingers?') He doesn't know how badly he's hurt, but
ripping a malice isn't a good thing to do. Dag's probably the only patroller
who's ever tried it, at least and lived afterwards.

Back to the trapped makers, and of course it's all gone horribly wrong, and
Dag - who can barely get both eyes open at once - has a whole new problem.

At this point Dag is barely conscious and totally disoriented, and keeps
forgetting what's going on - but he's still able to organise his patrol. This man
would keep doing his job when he'd been dead for three days, he just
doesn't give up.

Fawn goes to see Dar for advice, probably a mistake. Dag's little groundwork
effort is forbidden, or at least discouraged, and WAY above the level of
a patroller. And this time Fawn doesn't fall for the vicious comments the
way she did with Cumbia, she's stronger now.

Dar makes a comment about how she might ride off to find Dag and die
(still not as nasty as his comment to Dag, hoping she'd die in childbirth).
He's beyond just angry with Dag, he's vicious. And being able to read her
ground, knowing how she's feeling, makes it all so much worse. (And he
tells her she's beguiled by Dag - couldn't a Lakewalker tell?)

Despite the risk, Fawn tells Fairbolt and Hoharie, because it's the right thing
to do. And Hoharie is more reassuring about the work, although surprised
it can function over a hundred miles or so. (As a patroller Dag has the longest
groundsense. As a maker....? Hoharie is getting interested.)

Meanwhile, Dag manages to get himself trapped. And the malice blight
is growing in his ground. He's now in a race to see what'll kill him first, the
blight or the groundlock.

OTOH, he's had amazing training - something no other maker has had, in
the ways a malice works, and what can be done with ground. Heck of a
tough school, though.

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