[LMB] Sharing Knife - Trapped

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Thu Jan 31 10:05:09 GMT 2019

It's ironic that everyone's been telling Fawn she doesn't belong and should
go, and the moment she says she wants to leave the camp they all tell her
it's too dangerous. So of course she goes. The small-cute thing she has going
on is very deceptive. They never thought she'd simply walk in and take a map,
then saddle her horse and go.

They tell her to turn around. She does - twice. And arrives when Hoharie and
her party do.

Othan goes out of his way to be nasty to her, which is lousy considering her
husband is probably going to die - some medic he is. His attitude is almost like
sibling rivalry, some kind of jealousy. Of course Othan doesn't leave camp much,
and this is his big moment, the heroic ride to the battle scene to Save The Day.

And then a little farmer girl does the same ride all alone. Othan doesn't like to
share the glory.

Hoharie gets trapped, poor Mari is facing some horrific decisions. Just killing all
the trapped people is bad enough, but most don't have knives for sharing - an
even worse tragedy.  Dag takes the chance when Hoharie falls in to race around
and check on them all - he's still patrolling.

Fawn has a huge advantage, without even realising it. She's not a Lakewalker.
She doesn't have all their skills, but she doesn't have their assumptions either.
And she's seen a malice, and killed it - which is more than the medics have done.
And she sits down and puzzles it out. And she has a primed knife. She checks the
logic, prepares everything (I love what she chooses for the dressing.) And she
stabs him - very efficiently.

And, with a slight push from Dag, it works.

Othan is determined to give her no credit. In fact, although everyone's pleased,
nobody says thankyou. Just like, later, the villagers at Greenspring don't thank
the Lakewalkers for killing the malice.

But she has Dag back, alive, although very battered.  Dag was.n almost happier
when he was trapped; when he wakes up all the pain comes back. But the malice
spatter is gone from his ground, at least.

Both his knives are now used; Kauneo's sharing and her bone. Dag believes that
the echo of her spirit sheltered Fawn's child's spirit. And then the loveliest scene
after all the darkness and misery and frustration - Fawn gets Dag talking about
Kauneo, and brings back all the good memories. Dag has been locked in the pain
of her loss for so long, but now he looks past that to the good times, their loving
relationship, and it's pure joy to him. Fawn gives him that amazing gift, with no
jealousy or insecurity, she has a special bond with Kauneo too.

Generosity of spirit, a theme in Lois's work. It always pays back with even more.

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