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Wed Jan 30 12:40:41 GMT 2019

one Komarran jeweler, at least, as rare and precious "twin" worlds.=20
They're perhaps the only worlds in the jewel case where a pair is=20
close in size, close in space, maybe (by Miles's day) both long-
inhabited, and both having recognizable surface features.=C2=A0 It would=20
seem all the other famous inhabited worlds of the Nexus either have=20
no moons or are their moons are featureless undeveloped noplaces.=C2=A0=20
We don't see ear rings for Marilac and Dagoola IV, for instance.=20
In the absence of other data and for my own purposes I assume=20
Barrayar's moons are no more feckful than Mars's. And so the moons=20
make negligible contribution to Barrayaran tectonics.=C2=A0 And so leave=20
us with a world that has not been geologically "pumped" as often as=20
Earth. And so has been less evolutionarily advanced.=C2=A0 And so=20
Barrayar has had shorter than Earthly eras or epochs of land-based=20
plant life.=C2=A0 And so has laid down little or no coal.=C2=A0 But, (see=
point one) if the story demands otherwise, then those moons get big=20

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