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impossible to clear these things away from power lines.  My brother (a
California resident) says that he thinks that down deep, a lot of those
people don't want power lines at all.

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> On 10/12/2019 8:11 PM, Eric Oppen wrote:
> > As I understand it, PG&E can't clear brush and trees away from its power
> > lines, for reasons.
> >
> What freaking reasons, they clear brush and trees here in Connecticut
> every summer ... last summer it was our street, and it will be again in
> 2 years. After the kerfluffle a while ago when it came to light that as
> road crews 'aged out' they simply were not being replaced, which ended
> up having to bring in loaner road crews, and we didn't have power at the
> farm for almost a month. Somehting like they had fewer than 10 road
> crews left staffed for the entire state.
> I know that if we were already in Nevada I probably would have been
> running rescue missions picking up fen and bringing them home til teh
> whole power issue was over or they managed to secure generators [I
> highly recommend this cute little biolite solar panel and battery deal I
> picked up - mine is to only recharge phones, but they have one for
> around 2K that is 4 smaller panels and a larger battery pack that would
> be OK for running a CPAP or ox concentrater - I do know once we are
> there we are getting enough powerwall backup to run the entire
> establishment for 48 hours and the solar panels accordingly. I don't
> want to ever have to go without air conditioning, I can not deal with
> being too hot thanks to some screw up in my brain wiring. Cold I can
> deal with. On the plus side, Dyer is almost 15 degrees cooler than Vegas
> and has an almost constant pleasant breeze coming down off the Sierras.
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