[LMB] I found a character that reminds me of Miles...

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 20:23:44 BST 2019

I recently discovered the Marvel Comics Star Wars series, and have been
reading a bunch of them.  One of Marvel's original characters puts me in
mind of Miles...only a female Miles without much in the way of morals.

Dr. Aphra is an archaeologist by training, but she's always one jump ahead
of trouble, if that.  Between creditors, the Empire and the Rebels, she's
constantly having to ad-lib her way out of one horrible mess, straight into
the teeth of another one.  While she's likeable, and attractive, nobody who
knows her trusts her an inch, because at heart she's a scheming weasel.

If she were in the Vorkosiverse, putting her up against Miles would be like
a battle of dinosaurs.  And she'd probably give Miles a bunch of real
challenges.  She's very like Commander Cavilo, but probably smarter and

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