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> > I think the Gods have other plans for Penric's mother and brother. And for
> > whatever reasons, the other members of the party were not "the strongest"
> > for Ruchia's demon.
> >
> > Micki

In one of the middle books (Fox? Mission? can't remember) Penric muses
about having lost two mothers: his biological mother who died while he
was doing the Bastard's business, and the Princess/Archdivine for whom
he worked for several years.


> Actually, since Penric was be-demoned, we didn't see much of his family at
> all.
> Are they still alive? Proud of their Learned son? Slightly embarrassed at
> just whose ribbons he's wearing?
> Sylvia
> frustrated as usual at backbrain's insistence on using "who's, whose"
> interchangeably.
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