[LMB] Sorcerous Keyboards

Harvey Fishman fishman at panix.com
Thu Jul 4 03:37:10 BST 2019

Agreed, the XT keyboard was better, BUT it is no longer available as far 
as I know. The Model M IS from Unicomp and that is what I am using. 
Though I read somewhere that the XT keyboard (I believe the Model F) is 
being re-engineered and someone will offer it for sale. The price that I 
saw made it impractical for me. I found it; it is Model F Labs LLC, in 
Garden City, New York, but the price is (or was; this information is 
old) $346 to $420 depending on options. I will stay with my Unicomp 
Model M.


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>On Thu, Jul 04, 2019 at 12:08:01AM +0000, Harvey Fishman wrote:
>>  I like the IBM Model M.
>>  Harvey
>The best keyboard I've ever used, bar none, is the original PC/XT
>keyboard. clicky, clicky, clicky. Wonderful feel to type on, horrible
>noise if you have to be near someone using it.
>When the PC/AT came out, I thought the keyboard felt cheapened and
>not as good a feel. I believe that is the famous model M. i grant
>you its better than 99.99% of the keyboards out there, but still
>not up to the XT keyboard.
>I am currently using a low-end Leopold keyboard, FC200RT/KB, with
>arrow keys hd insert/home/del/end/pgup/pgdown but no numeric keypad,
>with MX/brown switches. It is decent, has a pleasant feel, but I'd
>like more tactile feedback for my next one. Also not as good a feel
>to it as either the M or the original Xt keyboard. :(
>Unicomp allegedly sells keyboards using the same mechanisms as
>the model M. I admit to having never used or even seen one in the
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>>  >On 6/13/2019 10:42 PM, robertaw at drizzle.com wrote:
>>  >>And speaking of chaos, the left shift key on my keyboard (the one I
>>  >>use all the time) stopped working this afternoon. Oh, well, I have
>>  >>had this keyboard for over a decade
>>  >
>>  >Now is your chance to get something really nice. Can I recommend a Das Keyboard Ultimate? I love all three of mine. :-)
>>  >
>>  >https://www.daskeyboard.com/daskeyboard-4-ultimate/
>>  >
>>  >I like the Cherry Blue key switches. So responsive! So much clickey noise!
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