[LMB] Birthdayyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 6 19:57:27 BST 2019

Birthday wishes and apologies. Due to planetary rotation and cosmic forces
beyond Birthday Tixie control, I've totally messed up. I'm so sorry, but I almost
missed one!

Heater 'The Sundance Kid' Boyer, I'm so sorry for my belatedness. But I hope
that you had a wonderful birthday full of love and joy.

And to celebrate, you are going to be guest of honour at a special birthday
banquet at Vorkosigan House. Yes, the whole family will be present and
available to answer any questions you may have but the best part of the
day is that Ma Kosti will make your dream meal; any special dishes you wish
to try, anything you specially love and want to have. And some bug butter,
with any flavour you like (actually the Maple Mead one is great, who'd have
thought that two horribles make a wonderful?)

Eat, drink, be merry, dance, sing, and enjoy!

I hope your birthday was wonderful, you have all our special wishes, even
if they're delivered slightly late.

Personally I blame the planet. I think it's spinning wrong.

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