[LMB] Penric and the Shaman discussion

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 7 10:43:12 BST 2019

Penric and the Shaman is novella #2 of the Penric series, 
and the one where we learn more about Penric, Desdemona
and the shamanic magics of the Weald.

1. Desdemona is adorable. There's an essential childishness
about her that is really appealing. When the princess-
archdivine bids Penric to attend to her, Desdemona 
responds with a great deal of glee. "Hurrah!" said Des.
"Something new? An outing? An airing . . .?"

Of course, she's sick of being pent up inside Penric, who is
doing boring copywork (from her viewpoint), and she wants
out. She wants an adventure. 

How much of this do you suppose is basic demon chaos, 
and how much has she inherited from her past riders?

2. This is a book where we get a detailed, side-by-side 
accounting of Five God theology vs. the older Weald 
religion. Penric is a sorcerer divine; Inglis is a new shaman.
In the same way that a great beast is formed from soul 
after soul (soul? essence?) of dog or boar or whichever 
animal, "great humans" (see Horseriver) are formed with 
human after human. 

Is a demon the crystal seed of a "great human"? The 
"shaman" that guides spirit after spirit to release its 
essence into the demon? 

The big difference is that the soul is taken up after a 
demon transfers to a new rider (usually, at least). 

After a human transfers . . . the soul needs to be 
released by human intervention -- the shaman must
be present. 

So . . . is the demon a sort of intuitive shaman? 

I've got more questions, but maybe that's enough
for today. 


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