[LMB] OT: Downside of eBooks

Pat Mathews mathews55 at msn.com
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I have done Transfer By Computer for lack of WiFi at home, and then "Open containing folder" from Download, then Copy … open little file folder icon … paste into My Ebooks (on hard drive) and then Copy, go to Kindle, Documents (under Kindle), Paste, voila!

And for backup I copy my entire (hard drive) Documents file, of which My Ebooks is a subset, onto a thumb drive. Hasn't failed me yet!

Another way to get around the entire DRM thing - if you have the shelf space or a private deal with your local library - is to also buy the print version as well as the ebook, and have it at hand at home.

Yours from a little technophobe Little Old Lady living in Retropia, Florida.
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>Or buy a DRMed copy so the
>author and editor don't have
>to flip burgers as a day job,
>but then find a pirated one
>as backup.
>James - who buys Kindle books
>on his computer, but does not
>own a Kindle because they use
>the cloud and not much local
>memory and he wants access to
>all his books even when he's
>at sea or in the African Bush
>and so has a reader with a
>BIG memory card

Kindle Oasis has 32GB.
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