[LMB] Another Demon question

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 8 00:48:05 BST 2019

 Gwynne Powell > wrote: 

At one point (which I can't find right now) Pen has a discussion with Des
about women carrying demons, and how it affects their lives. Most of
Des's riders were widows, women past the age of childbearing, or women
who didn't want children. But she says that demons and pregnancy don't
go well.

In HH we see Hallana on her third pregnancy, managing despite her demon.
(Mind you, I doubt much could stop her when she decided to do something.)

So you can carry a demon and still carry a baby, too. But what does it do to
the baby? Would there be some effect on the child - some extra powers or
slight god-touch, or something?
I think there's a way to compartmentalize. If the compartmentalization 
isn't complete, there's a more likely chance that chaos will cause a 
miscarriage, I think, rather than a demon-touched child. 

However . . . who knows? First, even a tiny leak of chaos can change
DNA and basic functions. Mutant babies are possible. 

And second, we've got Gods, working in mysterious ways. A tiny little
shift here, and Hallana's great-great-great grandchild finds itself with six 
fingers, about to go on an adventure that requires a thumb-sacrifice. 


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