[LMB] TSK - They Killed a Flying Malice

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 9 14:44:12 BST 2019

Killing the malice - three farmers, two of them female, killing a
flying malice - there'll be songs about this.

Carving into a sharing knife, using a crossbow, farmers with walnuts -
just imagine the stories. And killing the malice is such a high moment,
it's so satisfying hearing the death-screech and watching it explode.
That's a heck of a good death (I do so enjoy a satisfying end to a villain.
Hate it when they're killed too fast, I'm probably not a nice person.)

This malice kill is very high-interest, since THE MALICE COULD FLY!!!
And it came up in a bat cave, it was no longer sessile before it was
discovered, it was a thing of nightmares in so many ways, for Lakewalkers.
And farmers killed it. With a hacked-up sharing knife. Anyone who ever
thought Dag had kicked all Lakewalker rules aside hadn't even got
close. He's training farmers, giving them sharing knives and walnuts,
and it all works in the most extreme conditions. Yes, there will be
snarling and gnashing of teeth in many a camp when the reports start
rolling in.

Ohhhh how I wish I could see how Dar and Cumbia take the news. I'm
sure Sumac and Arkady will tell them. In detail. Several times.

And Dag can now win so many arguments about all his crazy new ideas.
Farmers killed a flying malice. Your arguments are invalid. Yep, he's
changed the world.

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