[LMB] A few quotes from Penric and the Shaman

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 10 05:51:44 BST 2019

"Could you jump to this shaman?"
"No. He'd be full-up."

Penric witnesses Tollin's unbinding, and tells Inglis
what he sees, with this note:
"It was hard to get more because Des was in retreat. 
(. . .) Gods terrify demons." 

We already knew the Bastard terrifies demons; here's proof 
of more gods being scary. Guilt by association? Or do they
all have the power to banish demons? Is a banishment by
the Bastard a kind of kindness, since he's half-demon 
himself? Or is it just dirty work no Gods want to do? 

Oswyl is also visited by the Father, and Des goes into a
"blind" panic . . . she protests that He'll burn her eyes. And 
Pen tells her she has no eyes and to stop worrying. 

The body-consciousness is really interesting, and also how
the other-world/supernatural/divine seems to manifest on 
such a human scale. It makes sense for Des, though -- she's
only learned about the world through humans, and to use their 
words and metaphors probably comes quite naturally. 


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