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Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 10 16:01:39 BST 2019

From: Joel Polowin <jpolowin at hotmail.com>

We have Betriz's "The Bastard _always_ takes the leftovers.  Always.
It is His, His... it's His _job_.  He _can't_ not take a severed
soul ? I thought He already _had_."  By popular belief, at least,
the Bastard doesn't have the option of rejecting, as such.  There are
souls contaminated by being bound to spirit animals; there are those
who are confused by sudden or violent deaths, and not given the proper
rites to help them find their way.  And, of course, those who refuse
the call.  But the Bastard isn't rejecting them.

Gwynne: I don't think carrying a spirit animal makes you contaminated:
it was the son who took the shamans. And the manner of death doesn't
seem to matter once the spirit is set free, soldiers mostly go to the Son.
In HH most of the warriors went to the Son, quite a few to the Father,
and a couple to the Mother or Daughter. The Bastard takes those who've
aligned themselves to Him because they are illegitimate, orphaned, gay,
artists and a handful of other occupation, and people who just don't fit

It's a bit odd, when you think about it; most people belong to the god
of their age and stage; girls to the Daughter, once they marry they go to
the Mother, fathers to the Father, young men to the Son. But people who
are illegitimate like dy Cabon, and Nikys, seem to belong to the Bastard
despite their other possibilities. Or maybe most people have more than
one allegiance, and cover as many bases as possible (which would make

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