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>> We have Betriz's "The Bastard _always_ takes the leftovers.  Always.
>> It is His, His... it's His _job_.  He _can't_ not take a severed
>> soul ? I thought He already _had_."  By popular belief, at least,
>> the Bastard doesn't have the option of rejecting, as such.  There are
>> souls contaminated by being bound to spirit animals; there are those
>> who are confused by sudden or violent deaths, and not given the proper
>> rites to help them find their way.  And, of course, those who refuse
>> the call.  But the Bastard isn't rejecting them.

> Gwynne: I don't think carrying a spirit animal makes you contaminated:
> it was the son who took the shamans.

Joel:  At the end of HH, each of the Five had their representative there,
to usher along the souls after they had been cleansed.

Micki: I was going to say something similar. The animal souls can't go 
to people-afterlife, it seems . . . or at least, they need to be separated 
before they can be mixed??? 

Gwen: > And the manner of death doesn't
> seem to matter once the spirit is set free, soldiers mostly go to the Son.

Micki: I think that's mostly self-selecting. I bet a lot of officers go to the
Father. Men (and women?) who don't advance in the military may go 
to the Son. But, I don't think it's "they are soldiers, so they go to the Son".
I think it's more, "They belong to the Son (at this point), so they follow 
this path which happens to include soldiery." 

Gwen: > It's a bit odd, when you think about it; most people belong to the god
> of their age and stage; girls to the Daughter, once they marry they go to
> the Mother, fathers to the Father, young men to the Son. But people who
> are illegitimate like dy Cabon, and Nikys, seem to belong to the Bastard
> despite their other possibilities. Or maybe most people have more than
> one allegiance, and cover as many bases as possible (which would make
> sense.)

Joel: I don't *think* girls are switched to the Mother when they marry;
I think it's after they've had a child.  There are many edge cases:
any soldier of the Daughter's Order, for example.  A man switches from
the Son to the Father when he's fathered a child, even if he doesn't
know about it.  (And is that upon impregnation, or when the woman has
delivered a baby?  Gah.)

Micki: This gets into headache area. People have the free-will to change,
and change their allegiance to the Gods. But, if the Gods know when a 
person will die, then, in theory, they know which ones are "theirs"?

Micki: But in a reasonable universe (not sure if this is; Gods be Gods), 
the Gods would take care of their people while they have them, no 
matter where they wind up, for the greater good of the Garden Beyond. 

Micki: And then again, how much of this is poor human comprehension
trying to categorize what is what is . . . ineffable. 

Micki: Do we have ANY evidence that the Five Gods are Five, but at some
level are One Divine Godhead or whatever? I feel like I read something like
that somewhere, but on the other hand, it's probably first-religion interference 
(like people who experience first-language interference when trying to speak
a second-language, and wind up with a horrible accent). 

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