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It's pretty clear that being fatherly will get you in with the Father, as will being a judge. Both Ista and Cazaril had tried on, so to speak, the gods assigned to them and had later been picked up by gods that matched what they were doing. Or in Ista's case,what He wanted her to do.

Though Ista was right: in a human suitor she'd have a good case for harassment and stalking against His Fatness.
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>> A man switches from
>> the Son to the Father when he's fathered a child, even if he doesn't
>> know about it
> Hold everything - do we actually know that?  We have examples of men who
> fathered children that they didn't publicly acknowledge and their families
> didn't know about.  But I don't recall any examples of men who were fathers
> yet ignorant of the fact who changed gods.

Well, the exact wording is "Although it was not unknown for this moment
of a funeral to be the first notice surviving family had that the member
they buried had an unexpected child somewhere."  I'd assumed that the
dead person also was ignorant of that fact, though it's possible that
they knew but had managed to keep it secret from their family.

Micki: I wonder how these things rank. Is being a father more important than
other things that are fatherly? For example, I don't think Oswyl is a father
yet (could be, but no children are mentioned), but his god is the Father.

Does being a divine of an order trump actual reproductive history? Does being
a *good* father make a difference? Or just being a godly father?

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