[LMB] ?Nikys seems to have chosen to take up the Bastard????

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 12 18:00:33 BST 2019

From: Doug Weinfield <douglasw at his.com>

Someone said that ?Nikys seems to have chosen to take up the Bastard.?
Can anyone point me to text supporting this?  I don?t recall any, and it feels like an itch I can?t scratch.

Gwynne: At the end of Penric's Mission, as they're sorting out how to get over
the last bit of the mountain, Adelis says he'll carry Penric - as a belated Bastard's
Day gift to his sister, because he missed the last one. He was '...busy with a war
at the time, which I'm sure your god would understand. I almost dedicate it to him.'

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