[LMB] kin Wolf?

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 13 04:41:29 BST 2019

Gwynne Powell  wrote: 

This is just speculation, and I hope I can express it clearly.

Ingrey (HH) and Inglis are both kin Wolfcliffe, and both carry wolves.
Inglis put a boar spirit in his friend Tollis, who was kin Boarford, and
Inglis says the two were 'already in sympathy' so it was easier.

I know that kin whatever-animal are clan names in the books, but I'm
wondering if they started not as a family identifier, but as a sign of which
type of animal spirit you carried? Maybe the early shamans were able to
match a warrior to the spirit that was the best fit - like a blood group.
So all the wolf-warriors were kin Wolf. Later each group stuck together
and had their own area; cliff, ford, etc. Over time it became the clan
name, and of course people would tend to stick with and marry into their
own group, strengthening the bonds.

Now, they've become family names, and they marry across clan lines,
but it seems that something remains, some residual preference for their
own creature.
Micki: I think for me, this is going to have to strictly be a clever writing device,
not something to be thought about too deeply. Because making it work relies
on a lot of non-canon stuff. 

For example, say Lunet (fox, and I can't find her kin name) and Inglis 
(kin Wolfcliffe) get married and have baby shamans. Does she have to
take kin Wolfcliffe name? In that case, she'd be a Wolfcliffe with a fox spirit.

And would that mean the babies only get their shaman powers via Y-chromosome?
They'd all be wolves, if they were shamans? No fox passed down? That would 
suggest that certain animal lines would die if there were no male heirs. 

I think it could work if you just took the kin Father name until your powers started
showing up, and then if you were a boar, you'd be fostered out to the Boarfords
(who would have more experience in dealing with boars), and you'd take a 
kin Boarford name. Also, kin Name wouldn't change with marriage.

But there's nothing in the books about that (IIRC), and also, it'd play
merry hell with material inheritance (cash, land, furniture). 

FWIW, Yvaina, wife of the scholar/baron Wegae kin Pikepool, is introduced as 
Baroness Yvaina kin Pikepool. Neither are shamans. And I don't think they 
are paternal cousins, either, although I suppose they could be. 


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