[LMB] Bad choice?

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Sat Jul 13 04:47:18 BST 2019

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On Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 4:27 AM Gwynne Powell <

> The Bastard is the god of, among other things, accidents. Of problems,
> of things going wrong, of upsets, disasters and mess.
> So who the heck chose white as his main colour

Babies wore white, because it could be washed with strong bleach.
Bleach the Basta -  oh wait.  The --clothes--.  No disrespect.


Micki: Ah, this is a great point. White CAN be bleached. 

So the thousand instances of spilled wine, shit and blood can be
remedied, at least to some extent. Probably an extremely practical

And it's interesting to note that Black, which hides stains, belongs to
the Father, who is in charge of criminal investigations, among other

What do you suppose the other folks do when their robes run into
peril? Simply re-dye? I suppose the accident-prone would wind up 
with several shades of green or blue or brown. You could bleach and
then re-dye, but it'd be hard on the textiles. 

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