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On Jul 6, 2019, at 10:54 PM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Heather, not Heater!!!!
> I blame my keyboard. It moves things on purpose.

Gwynne, I sympathize. My thumb doesn’t seem to reach the correct keys all too often, and sometimes there’s a space in what is supposed to be a word.

/I haven’t used my data-restored new-to-me laptop yet. Given that my parsimonious husband bought one with half the storage of my fried one, I must use an external drive. Until I know how to synch my phone to it, I’m not risking a screwup of my contacts, calendar, and other apps with continual data-changes./

One of the Heathers I know was a DA at my dentist’s office. When the previous front desk staffer retired, she moved into that spot.

A Heather I’ve only heard on the radio replaced Daphne as screener/cohort on Dr Dean Edell’s long-running KGOam (SF ABC affiliate, but syndicated to other areas). She would announce that in order to talk to Dr Edell, “first you must pass through the Gates of Hea . . . ther”. 

I miss the program, but not the changes in ownership of that station since late 2011. I only listened in the car, but since November 2016, I’ve had no car. Saturdays were always Car Talk followed by Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! on NPR. Car Talk, even reruns, is no longer, but we listen to the podcasts: one hopes while neither drinking nor eating.

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