[LMB] What would you choose?

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 13 07:02:50 BST 2019

 Gwynne Powell 

Being a sorcerer means you don't have much contact with your peers,
but you're never really alone. And you have instant knowledge: fluent
in half a dozen languages, lifetimes of experience and knowledge
available, different careers, different places. You can blow up seagulls.
You can do all sorts of incredible things, help people in so many ways,
learn so much. It's a fascinating, if challenging, life.

I was rereading Penric's Fox today, and there's this passage: "The
Fellowship being part school, part farm, part a community of historical
scholarship, and part, these days, hospice for injured or sick creatures."
Plus you get great friends, choir practice, and a huge library. And a
permanent pet, extra senses, and access to a different plane.

So, given a choice, which would you be: sorcerer or shaman?

Micki: That's quite a choice. I like the idea of having a friend (12 friends?)
nearby at all times. But what if those friends aren't really that compatible?
And there's NO getting away from them, ever. Also, what if one of those
friends turns out to be a copycat? How Pen-ish is Desdemona while Pen
is alive, I wonder? Talk about echo chamber!

Although, having all that knowledge, being able to escape into a book 
(but also being reminded whenever the demon gets super-bored to get
up, have some water, and get some exercise) would be a huge plus. 

Getting a demon who was just inhabiting a fox would be a bit of a 
nightmare, though. 

I would love to try the Weirding Voice Choir, which was delightfully
shivery! I think being a shaman would be a better fit for a true introvert.
You can learn how to be social and work with other people. 

Next question: what great beast would you choose, if you could? 

I love cats, so the idea of having a cat . . . or a cheetah . . . is very attractive
and powerful. But they don't listen well! 

I think having a very Good Boy (dog) as a Great Beast would be very
healing, and more do-able for me. Smart, but biddable. 

No way would I want a wolf! LOL. 


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