[LMB] kin Wolf?

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> Micki:
> FWIW, Yvaina, wife of the scholar/baron Wegae kin Pikepool, is introduced
> as
> Baroness Yvaina kin Pikepool. Neither are shamans. And I don't think they
> are paternal cousins, either, although I suppose they could be.


And if they were shamans, their kin animal would be ... a fish?? A big,
predatory fish, to be sure, but still...

--Margaret Dean
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Micki: Yes! Isn't it strange? But slippery as a fish, predatory as a pike. 
Reminds me of that old song, "Did you ever swing on a star?" 
I would think a fish would be a very strange thing to share a mind with! 

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