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> I think having a very Good Boy (dog) as a Great Beast would be very
> healing, and more do-able for me. Smart, but biddable. 
> No way would I want a wolf! LOL. 

I very much like the idea of a wolf, but ... yeah.  The biddableness of dogs is variable -- guide dogs need to be able to assert their independent judgment against their owners, so they can't be too biddable (we were the host family and then the retirement home of a brood bitch for a service dog organization; she had failed out of a guide dog breeding program because she was too subservient -- lovely, smart dog, but a bit of a doormat -- but her puppies were perfect as service dogs).  But beyond the biddableness, dogs and people have evolved together, pretty much in a symbiotic relationship -- you don't actually need to have a Great Beast dog to get that.  That said, I love the dogs in Penric and the Shaman.  Dogs and gods, mmmm, perfect.

In fact, the glimpse Ingrey has of his wolf's lineage shows something much like the evolution of dogs.  So, when you create a Great Beast wolf, what you get is ... a very Good Dog?

Micki: Yeah, they about have to choose wolves that are not going
to tear the Shaman's throat out. The Shaman does have the
weirding voice to control the animal, so there's that. But I wonder
how it works when the animal is IN the head. 

I really wish I had time to commit to re-reading the HH now, but
I want to finish the rest of the Penrics, and IIRC, novella four 
goes off in a different direction, away from the Weald and the 
Shaman magics. (Or is that book five?)

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