[LMB] What would you choose?

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 14 13:18:54 BST 2019

From: "M. Haller Yamada" <thefabmadamem at yahoo.com>

Gwynne: You beat me to the next question!
I love cats, but I don't know about having one as a Great Beast. And dogs...
too nice. I'm not that nice. Wolves... maybe. Somehow I keep being drawn
to bears. If nothing else, I could really get into the idea of hibernation.
But with my luck I'd get a meerkat or something.

Micki: I worry about the Great Beast ascending, even though I?
don't think we ever see this happening in the books. I don't need to
be a warrior, so I don't really need a great beast. I wonder what a?
studious creature would be? I certainly don't need a Great Monkey!
I feel like I already have one! Controlling my actions on a lot of?
days, as well!?j

Gwynne: I hadn't thought of the spirits ascending. I know that Inglis's
wolf gets very excited at the smell of blood, but I'm not sure what it would
make him do.

Warriors don't get a Great Beast, just a single animal spirit. I wonder if they're
making any warriors, or just shamans?

I'm still thinking about animals. A Great Wombat would be interesting.
Wombats are awesome; sort of like concrete blocks with fur. If your car hits
one, the wombat will probably walk away. The car will be a write-off. Wombats
do their own thing, nobody bothers them or gets in their way. If a predator
tries to get into their burrow to grab them, they simply pin it to the roof with
their back - they have an extra-solid sheet of muscle over their lower back.
They pin the animal and crush it, or suffocate it. Yes, their main offensive weapon
is their big solid bum. They do have poor eyesight, which is why they tend to
ignore most of the world and just focus on their own stuff.

Great Kangaroo? You'd have some interesting moments.

Great Emu? No way. Don't even go there. Emus are all mad.

Great sloth? Uh.... nope.

Great anaconda? Ohhhh now that has possibilities.

Great Shark? Probably some difficulties in creating that one.

Great owl? Actually that's not so bad an idea.

Great possum? (I mean Aussie brushtail possums.) This is actually a really good one.
They're very smart, agile, sneaky, determined, good problem-solvers, good fighters.
And so darn cute!  (Just don't get them in your roof. Seriously. Don't.) Deceptively
cute and harmless-looking. Maybe I'll get a Great Possum.

Or a wombat. Nobody bothers wombats.

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