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Mon Jul 15 02:54:30 BST 2019

On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 11:52:20PM +0000, M. Haller Yamada wrote:

> Micki: I was going to say something similar. The animal souls can't go 
> to people-afterlife, it seems . . . or at least, they need to be separated 
> before they can be mixed??? 

No dogs in this heaven.

> Micki: I think that's mostly self-selecting. I bet a lot of officers go to the
> Father. Men (and women?) who don't advance in the military may go 
> to the Son. But, I don't think it's "they are soldiers, so they go to the Son".
> I think it's more, "They belong to the Son (at this point), so they follow 
> this path which happens to include soldiery." 

No, I think it is more like the first one, but mixed.  By default, young
men belong to the Son; young men also often go for hunters or soldiers,
which is part of *why* they belong to the Son.  They're not choosing a
life path because of the god; the god is an amalgam of aggregate life
patterns.  Then most young men become fathers, and move to a different
divine amalgam.

If you're a young man who isn't particularly Son-like but also not
particularly anything else, you probably default to the Son.  But if you
dedicate yourself to scholarship, the Daughter might take you up; if to
medicine, perhaps the Mother.

> Micki: This gets into headache area. People have the free-will to change,
> and change their allegiance to the Gods. But, if the Gods know when a 
> person will die, then, in theory, they know which ones are "theirs"?

What makes you think the gods know when a person will die?  Seems clear
to me that the gods don't know the future, though they can often make
extrapolative guesses.  In both Curse and Hunt, the divine strategy is
implied or stated to be "try lots of things and hope one of them works".

-xx- Damien X-)

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