[LMB] Bad choice?

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I think the Night's Watch may well be part of the Father's order at that! Though it may well be under his stepson instead.
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So the Father is the patron of Johnny Cash?  And the Night's Watch?

(Sorry--I couldn't resist!)

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> > On Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 03:47:18AM +0000, M. Haller Yamada wrote:
> >
> > > And it's interesting to note that Black, which hides stains, belongs to
> > > the Father, who is in charge of criminal investigations, among other
> > > things.
> >
> > Eh?  I thought the Bastard had both white and black.  The Father's color
> > is gray.
> >
> The Father is gray and black when two colors are present.
> It's easy to be fooled into thinking that black is for the Bastard, though,
> because some of his creatures are black, e.g. crows.
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