[LMB] Bad choice?

Sylvia McIvers sylviamcivers at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 20:15:19 BST 2019

scrollin, scrollin, scrollin....

The OverQuote Tixie looks under all the random objects that piled up in the
junk room, the Official Machete of Cutting Through Underbrush has got to be
here somewhere!

Ah, got it.  Haven't needed it in a while.  Bit short on glitter, isn't it?

Gentlefolk of the list, the custom is to comment underneath the original
post so that you can see how much text you have to scroll past before you
can type.  Rather a lot, often.  It's a reminder to cut the excess text.

Wait a bit, I'll re-glitter the Official Machete of Cutting Through The
Underbrush, and loan it to you.

Those of you who have phones that prefer to top-post, please make an effort
to cut the original post down to size, quite a lot of your fellow listees
will have to scroll past it in order to reach the next post.

Many thanks.

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