[LMB] Plot idea --- unless Herself reads this list!

Pat Mathews MATHEWS55 at msn.com
Tue Jul 16 00:47:25 BST 2019

Anyway, ideas are cheap, this one is free - it's the Father of Winter book she never wrote. It's a murder mystery. And it's a few decades after Curse of Chalion.

Iselle had several children, and one daughter, Cattilara, was married to the crown prince of an island nation south of Darthaca, across the Darthacan Channel. The prince was quiet, gentle, and sickly. His younger brother, a very avatar of the Son, was a tall, robust, athletic redhead full of charm and vigor. Some say it's a pity he's the spare and not the heir.

When he dies, presumably of his many illnesses (tuberculosis?) at a young age, her parents and his father agree to accept the younger son's offer to marry the young widow and continue the alliance. They have a daughter, but no living sons. Many years down the road, the now-King decides to put her away to marry a young woman about the court. .... okay, I think you can see where this is going.

At any rate, Cattilara has been seeing more and more of a ruthless self-centeredness about her husband, and now that the gloves are off, she starts wondering about his brother's death. With the Temple on her side - the Father does *not* like oathbreaking! - she starts investigating.

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