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Tony Zbaraschuk tonyz at eskimo.com
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On Thu, July 11, 2019 3:52 pm, Matthew George wrote:
> Betriz isn't a theologian.
> I would note that, in the same book, we're told that a given soul is (I
> think 'roasting') in the Bastard's Hell.  Which seems to connote
> punishment and severe change, if not absolute destruction.

That seems to be the human perspective on the issue; from what we see
of Cazaril's vision near the end of CoC, and the encounter with Joen's
demon, the B*stard's realm seems more like absolute swift destruction
than an elaborate set of torments.  (One does wonder what becomes of
the souls taken up the B*stard, then.)

> There may be a distinction between taking a soul, and taking up a soul.
> And even so, it's not clear to me that the Bastard is necessarily
> incapable of not taking any soul.  Why would He be unable to refuse? --

There do seem to be people He loves (cf. in PoS); it's hard to believe
that they'd just be wiped off the board like recovered demons.

(And are there demons who have something about them that the gods want to
save, or do they just count as pieces of the souls of whomever they've

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