[LMB] Chosen God, was seal motto

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 16 17:09:35 BST 2019

Penric shares a seminary joke with Inglis and Oswyl: that the gods are like
mice - if you let one in you'll be over-run with them.

And it actually seems to have a basis in fact; the gods seem to share their
saints and chosen ones. Ista worked for the Mother, then the Bastard, and
has a visit from the Father. Penric, a Bastard's sorcerer, is used by the Son
to help free the shaman (and save three souls, in all. And a Great Dog.) The
Father was obviously watching, too.

Penric suspects that the Father is nudging him sometimes. And the
Daughter blesses their rescue of Nikys's mother.

Cazaril was guided by the Daughter, carried a demon of the Bastard, and
was fixing up a problem of the Father's.

In fact, they seem to work together, share personnel, and support each other.

Yep, like mice. Let one in, and they all come to party.

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