[LMB] The Fate of Demons

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 17 16:35:48 BST 2019

We're told that demons go back to a sort of formless pit of energy. Splashes of
this energy, dropping into the world, become demons and start the process all
over again.

So when a demon is finally taken by the Bastard, they're finished.

But what happens when a demon is named, like Desdemona? Animals that are
in contact with humans take on different behaviours, and mental processes,
from animals in the wild; they even have different 'languages' for humans, and
for their own kind. A named demon is a melding of all previous personalities, but
becomes a person in their own right. An identity.

Can you grow a soul? If a demon can become a god, can it grow a soul and
retain that spark in the afterlife, instead of being dissolved?  Is Desdemona a
person now? She certainly seems to qualify.

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