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Okay - my take - Himself is not aiming at making a godling, but at giving the elementals better treatment, teaching, names, and all that is needed to make them people by law and custom.
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Just wondering; what's the upper limit for demons?  Desdemona has
had thirteen riders now. More than two centuries. She seems to be
the oldest demon anyone has seen - certainly one of the oldest, if not
THE oldest, around.

Penric tries to make a Great Worm, but the body can't hold many spirits.
Presumably there's an upper limit for the Great animals, the point when
an experienced shaman (or the animal itself) knows that an animal body
(or mind) can't hold enough any more.

Demons build up, in a somewhat similar way - do they have an upper limit?
People who can see Desdemona (other sorcerers and any shaman in a trance)
see a massively dense spirit. And they can't understand why it's not ascended,
why something so powerful hasn't taken over. Will there come a point where
the demon is simply too dense for a human to hold it?

Is the Bastard grooming Desdemona for a new, perhaps more godly, role?
Oh, good questions! But when that demon gets stuck back into a fox brain, both it and the fox survive (although it's implied that the demon may be losingbits of itself in order to fit). The fox doesn't explode from the weight. That demon WAS a lesser demon than Desdemona, though. That might count for something.
I don't think it's just the Bastard who is experimenting in growing a Great-SouledDemon; it seems that the rest of the family is helping, at least.
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