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Hah! In our second year class (!) the teacher had us reading and translating Catullus! Oh, my... some of it was pure tabloid material; and others, better suited to the latrine walls. Though when he was good, he was very, very good. Roman men were about as mealy-mouthed as Elizabethans, or Restoration playwrights, or gangsta' rappers.

I've probably told you all this story before, but in Roman History 101, we had a visiting prof, who walked us through Roman pop culture, and mentioned that about Catullus. Then she said he called someone a name that does not translate well, but the closest modern equivalent is.... and she flicked to a slide showing the face of a very well-known politician with the given name of Richard, and the nickname he was (and still is) universally known by. The entire class cracked up in giggles. Except, perhaps, ones of said politician's party. Even so.....
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> Alert: lengthy Latin grammar divagation!

> Sorry to put in my 2 cents after months of quiet lurking, couldn't resist
> the rare chance to apply the 4 years of latin I endured 35 years ago.

[snip some really interesting discussion]

> Brian Ross Ashley <brashley46 at gmail.com>  wrote:

> The bumper sticker could have signified that the driver was_among_  the
> alumni of Big Honking Uni ...
> Sorry, Brian, that would be *inter alumnos*  since*inter*  calls for
> accusative because in this case the students would be the direct objects...
> unless I'm wrong and a dative is called for, in which case it would be *inter
> alumnis.* In either case you'd have to fit in the word *inter*  and alumn*i*
> would be wrong.

I think your 4 years 35 years ago really outqualifies my 2 years in North Florida high schools 50+ years ago ... we read De Bello Gallico, excerpts from Vergil, and Contra Catilina, but yes, the complicated grammar had escaped my memory.

And please, call me Ross.

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