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> So...
> Baen has asked me to write an into to the upcoming (in January) first
> Penric collection on paper, to be titled /Penric's Progress/.  (I'll
> blog about this after the launch flurry for the new novella is over.)
> What sorts of things do you, as readers, like to see in such intros?
> How the 5GU books came to be written is one suggestion, though that can
> border on showing folks how sausage is made.  Relatedly, something about
> the world, though my worldbuilding tends to show-don't-tell.  Brief
> remarks on the other books and stories, because advertising.  Length can
> be anything from a short sort of 500-word hi-there to a 5k word essay.
> Thoughts?
> Ta, L.  Halfway to slacking off, caught at the doorway.

I run a bit OCD on these things - every glob of something that goes into
the sausage is of immense interest to me. So I'd suggest taking suggestions
from me with a few grains of salt (or salt mines, depending). But:
1. I'd like to know what went into creating Penric.
2. I'd like to know what went into creating Desdemona.

Those are easy enough. Much less likely to be of general interest are
map-questions like why was a Roman Empire of the past not wanted? How did
this result in drowned Italy? Is this related to why North Africa is
replaced with an island chain?

Then there are the same questions but for Nikys, Bosha, and Lady Tanar.

Karen Hunt

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