[LMB] Non-spoiler question about the new one

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And OK - Adria is where Venice is in our world. Only the peninsula is missing.
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>> At the beginning of the new novella there's a map. (I love maps, I'm very
>> visual.)
>> And it's very handy for working out how everything fits together.
> [some snippage]

> How do the two maps connect?
> Well, now...
> Take a look at the list of creators of the map (the page before the map
> itself).
> Then go to https://chalion.fandom.com/wiki/Chalion_Wiki - title page will
> do.

Replying to myself here...

It's worth noting that the portions of my map outside the range that went
into the tale are not officially blessed.

Also, if you go into articles "Weald" and "Cantons" and "Cedonia" you will
see more details. If anyone has suggestions/improvements, or questions as
to how the choices for placement are made, this is a good place to work
things out. And it may well result in changes to the maps on the site.

Karen Hunt
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