[LMB] A terrifying idea

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Sat Jul 20 17:08:25 BST 2019

From: "M. Haller Yamada" <thefabmadamem at yahoo.com>

Eric Oppen wrote:
> Just imagine if instead of Penric, Desdemona had jumped to Miles Vorkosigan!

Would it be better or worse if she jumped to *Mark*?
Jim Parish

Gwynne: If Des jumped to Miles you probably wouldn't see much difference.
If she jumped to Mark... again, probably not a lot of difference, but way more
angst for all involved.
If she jumped to Gregor he'd stay in control, it's what he does. Des would spend
a lot of time finding ways to shed disorder.
Now, if she jumped to Ivan... Ohhh imagine it. I think it would actually work out
rather well, once they both got over the shock.

Ivan's mind isn't as nimble as Penric's (although it's probably nimble enough),but he's a pretty boy like Pen, so he might be a tempting little morsel for?Desdemona. Ivan would hate this, though. So much responsibility, and?such a BIG target painted on his back.?
I wonder how Desdemona would handle Vorkosigan's universe? Wouldshe tremble in terror at the technology? I bet it wouldn't last long, and?she'd be in game centers as quickly as she could convince her riders.?What kind of chaos could a chaos demon shed in that world? And wouldthe Bastard or any God be able to reach her in that world? I suppose they'dhave to go through the same loop-hole Desdemona was forced through.?

Gwynne: Sailors in the 5GW don't like having sorcerers on board.
And they have passing seagulls, sharks, and pirates for the sorcerer
to use to shed disorder.

Now imagine Desdemona in a spaceship.

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