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Um, yummy! Coastal seafood, fresh from the net. My mouth is drooling already. I hope you had the most delicious meal, Louann, and dolphins playing are always a marvelous sight. Happy birthday!
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We are sending special birthday wishes to Louann Miller!

Louann, big beautiful birthday wishes to you.

And to help you celebrate, you will be the guest of the Fox of Ibra,
in Zagosur, for a wonderful day!  After a light breakfast you'll spend
the morning on one of their famous ships, sailing around the harbour
and along the coast, to admire the wonderful views and the fresh
sea air. There's also a seal colony on the way, and you'll probably see
a few pods of dolphins on the way.

After you return to port you'll have a delicious lunch (after all, you
didn't have much to eat before the cruise, just in case!), and then
explore Zagosur itself - the amazing architecture, the beautiful artwork,
the marvellous markets.

And then into the arms of a horde of servants (a giggle of maids? a
chatter of sewing-girls?) to be washed, dressed, primped and preened,
ready for a wonderful birthday banquet.

Marvellous birthday wishes to you, Louann!

(PS It's possible that this is a day late, due to the birthday Tixie thinking
it was Saturday when it was Sunday. Things are a bit complicated here,
right now. Very sorry.)

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