[LMB] TSK - Echoes

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 21 22:54:41 BST 2019

Howard Brazee wrote:
> So malices aren?t evil.

Pat Mathews wrote:
> Unless they have the equivalent of human intelligence, no. Though
> they are incredibly dangerous, and the results of their actions are
> certainly evil.

I wouldn't call the results of their actions "evil", because again,
that implies a morality.  Catastrophic, terrible, yes.  A volcano
flooding a large area with ash or lava, extinguishing all life in the
region, I again wouldn't call "evil".  Now, the way people behave in
response to such events... *that* can be evil or good.

"And just when you'd think they were more malignant than ever Hell could
be, they could occasionally show more grace than Heaven ever dreamed of.
Often the same individual was involved.  It was this free-will thing,
of course.  It was a bugger." -- Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman,
_Good Omens_


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