[LMB] essay question

Lois Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Sun Jul 21 23:25:53 BST 2019

[LMB] essay question

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 20 07:27:11 BST 2019

Micki... :Also, I would love to know more about why novellas work for 
you. I meant to ask if I could ask you three questions about novellas, 
but I procrastinated too much on that one. (-: I'm seeking validation 
for writing novellas. In my brain, I know that, "Because *I* want to 
writeone, and the story is exactly that length" is validation enough. 
But my heart wants a mentor to say that and give me permission. Why I am 
like that is a blog post for another day.

LMB:  Yes, Micki, you may write all the novellas (or any other length) 
your heart desires.  There are actually no genre police who will break 
down your door at night and arrest you for coloring outside the lines.

Hold the  questions about novellas till I am less fried, but I find it a 
very interesting length and, properly prodded, could likely find 
something to say for you about them.

Ta, L.

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