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Puppet copies do not have free will. Unless they are not puppets by nature. The clone soldiers in Star Wars no doubt thought of themselves the way any other born-and-bred serviceman (they seemed to be all male) would. Trained, conditioned,knowing no better, certainly. But not robots.
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> Well, if malices are fragments or copies of some sorcerer king, they
> could be as intelligent and evil as that sorcerer king. A copy of Hitler
> isn't less evil than Hitler.

But ... it depends on what you mean by "copy".  A clone of Hitler or anyone would, first of all, be a baby, and be unlikely to grow up exactly the same way.  But in any case, if the copy is in fact human, with free will, then yes, choosing evil would be evil.  But that's not what we see of the malices.  If they are copies, in some sense, of a sorcerer king, they are much more fragmentary copies, and of the king at some fully grown (and fully evil?) point -- which they arrive at not the usual way by growing up and making choices, but through absorbing ground and going through molts and evidently not having any free will or choice at all.

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