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Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 22 17:59:10 BST 2019

Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Gwynne: One thing that depresses me about most evil overlords is that they're
> so small, in their ambitions. Yes, they want to take over the world, etc etc, but...
> then what? They have no reason for doing it except to bounce around gloating.

In many cases, the goal is to be in absolute control.  They intend
to spend the rest of their lives occupied with the business of
running things.  The matter of removing other people's agency and
freedom-to-choose is one aspect of their being evil.  Another is that
they're willing to perform a great deal of harm towards getting and
keeping that control.

A nice example is Baron Wulfenbach, from _Girl Genius_.  His goal is
control, to stem the chaos that is making everyone's lives a dangerous
nightmare.  He doesn't particularly want to be in charge, and hates
that he has to spend his life maintaining his empire rather than doing
interesting things.  But his perception is that somebody needs to
do the job, and that he can't trust anyone else to do it properly.
That perception is coloured by his having been badly betrayed by
several people whom he had trusted.  He has no interest in harming
people beyond what is absolutely necessary to achieve that goal of
control.  He doesn't even like *hurting* people, though he's willing
to hire an underling who does... whom he tries, with mixed success,
to keep on a short leash.  In D&D terms, he's "lawful neutral", and
was more than willing to work with the neutral-good "Heterodyne Boys"
towards their mutual goal of making Europa safe.  I don't recall if he
was around at the same time as the earlier members of the Heterodyne
family, who would seem to be characterized generally as "chaotic evil",
but if so, he would have been fighting them.


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