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Doesn't that seem a little like the mental health establishment on Beta Colony? Not to get into "Dark Beta" but it seems that ], if they decide you have mental health issues, they will "cure" you and get your consent later. I'd also be a little worried about the staff of the Orb. If, after your assessment, they decide that what you really want, what would give you the most pleasure was something your conscious mind is adamantly against. (I won't give any examples here. It wouldn't even necessarily excessively kinky.)
We know about "The Thin Blue Line", definitely a melodrama with the evil Barrayans and the pure virtuous Betans, but could there be a tragedy running around about the heroic Betan captain who was tortured into deserting to the Barrayans due to her desire for children? They might have hired the jerk who swindled her out of her first captaincy as a consultant.

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Pratchett's _Witches Abroad_ had Granny's sister, purporting to be the Good Witch, making everyone Happy.  And if you weren't Happy and smiling, you'd be fixed until you were.

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