[LMB] Interesting idea re Heinlein's "Citizen of the Galaxy"

Douglas Weinfield douglasw at his.com
Tue Jul 23 18:52:14 BST 2019

I was thinking about movies made from SF novels, and it occurred to me that an amazing movie could be made from "Citizen of the Galaxy", if you just flipped the gender of the main characters.

Thorby becomes Thorbie, or Thora. Colonel Baslim is played by Sigourney Weaver, or by Annette Benning (channeling her recent performance in Captain Marvel), or Helen Mirren. Father Shaum has a house of pleasure mostly for men. Maybe we keep the Free Traders as matriarchal. Etc. No need to be doctrinaire about it...

I think this would be a wonderful movie! What do you think?

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