[LMB] Interesting idea re Heinlein's "Citizen of the Galaxy"

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 22:11:09 BST 2019

Why the gender flip?  To make it easier to pitch?  Given Hollywood 's track
record withHeinlein I'm leery of it.

On Tuesday, July 23, 2019, Douglas Weinfield <douglasw at his.com> wrote:

> I was thinking about movies made from SF novels, and it occurred to me
> that an amazing movie could be made from "Citizen of the Galaxy", if you
> just flipped the gender of the main characters.
> Thorby becomes Thorbie, or Thora. Colonel Baslim is played by Sigourney
> Weaver, or by Annette Benning (channeling her recent performance in Captain
> Marvel), or Helen Mirren. Father Shaum has a house of pleasure mostly for
> men. Maybe we keep the Free Traders as matriarchal. Etc. No need to be
> doctrinaire about it...
> I think this would be a wonderful movie! What do you think?
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