[LMB] Dark Brittanic Mills, Saruman

Damien Sullivan phoenix at mindstalk.net
Wed Jul 24 11:03:01 BST 2019

On Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 02:45:32PM +0000, Pat Mathews wrote:
> BTW, thank you all for confirming my original argument several times over: that Saruman was not, in his own mind, a villain, but a Prometheus figure. Except, of course, in his determination to do what he saw fit and to blazes with the cost to others.

Saruman says as much in his pitch to Gandalf.  Gaining power so the Wise
can order things better.

‘He drew himself up then and began to declaim, as if he were making a
speech long rehearsed. “The Elder Days are gone. The Middle Days are
passing. The Younger Days are beginning. The time of the Elves is over,
but our time is at hand: the world of Men, which we must rule. But we
must have power, power to order all things as we will, for that good
which only the Wise can see.

..As the Power grows, its proved friends will also grow; and the Wise,
such as you and I, may with patience come at last to direct its courses,
to control it. We can bide our time, we can keep our thoughts in our
hearts, deploring maybe evils done by the way, but approving the high
and ultimate purpose: Knowledge, Rule, Order; all the things that we
have so far striven in vain to accomplish, hindered rather than helped
by our weak or idle friends. There need not be, there would not be, any
real change in our designs, only in our means.”

-xx- Damien X-)

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