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Wed Jul 24 15:42:49 BST 2019

On 7/23/2019 2:42 AM, markus baur wrote:
> it was mostly the disease environment that made cities population sinks
> servus
> markus

Speak for yourself ... let me remind you of petty and gross thievery, 
profiteering by food merchants and landlords, lack of 'community' and 
the shabby treatment of people by the court system.

Out in a small village in the country side you may be stuck farming 
because everybody before you were farmers, but if someone stole your 
best shirt, someone would notice and you would probably get it back and 
the person punished in the 'court  of public opinion' as well as taken 
in front of the local magistrate. Nobody wants their granny pissed off 
at them for taking the neighbors milking stool ... in town, dodge to the 
next neighborhood over and fence the loot and as long as you didn't get 
caught with your hand in the till [or standing over the body with the 
cudgel in your hand] you pretty much got away with most crimes. If you 
did get suspected of being the criminal in the city, hauled in front of 
the local magistrate and you could be railroaded into being guilty 
becuase you were common scum and automatically guilty. Petty nobility 
were *not* nice people.

Stuck on the land with reasonably fresh air, an odd combination of 
periods of intense work and nothing to do [planting and harvesting were 
busy times, high summer you gardened your kitchen garden rather than the 
grain fields, and winters you repaired equipment] and more of a local 
mindset is a safe life. Cities with disease, crime, profiteering and 
being considered scum by your betters while you are 'free' is much less 
appealing. There was a reason people left to go to the new world 
colonies in droves - you could get your own land and not be considered 
one of a long line of peasant scum.

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