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Aruvqan Myers aruvqan at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 16:51:48 BST 2019

Revisiting an ancient posting because I am going through all the emails 
and deciding what to actually save and which to discard because I can 
get them at the archived list ...

Upon trees ...

I had to hire an arborist to deal with the microforest here at Casa 
Aruvqan. I inherited the [new as of 1970] family homestead in western NY 
state because my father died a decade ago, my brother died 3 years ago 
and my mom died 2 years back, leaving me the lucky tontine and 
inheriting the house and anything not nailed down [and as my D&D 
character says, she has a crowbar if it is nailed down] and the trees 
had been woefully neglected.

Mainly because I have one of a bare handfull of no shit real *American 
Chestnut* trees outside of an arboretum growing in the yard. My tree guy 
Dan is a noted NY state arborist and he recommends I do *not* register 
it on the registry of rare trees site because people will come and look 
at the damned thing, but also steal cuttings and possibly kill the poor 
thing taking the cuttings [ @_@ ]

Needless to say, we do plan on properly taking cuttings to grow more of 
them, and I do plan on spreading the trees around so there are more out 
there. I was also thinking of pranking the local ag school by taking a 
frond and asking them what the tree was, but unfortunately Dan is a 
major lecturer there and they all know about Fred [we named the tree] so 
I couldn't get away with it. *sigh*

It puts me in mind of how the Vorkosigan ag bunch are seen out spreading 
terrestrial trees around the Vorkosigan holding when they do a fly over 
with Ekaterine to go look for rocks and property for the BugButter Ranch.

On 7/21/2012 6:38 PM, Paula Lieberman wrote:
> Someone asked a local farmer if there were peaches a year or two ago.  
> The farmer said no, the didn't replace the peach trees with peach 
> trees. The reason was *turkeys*.   He's described to me, with 
> gestures, how wild turkeys stand up on their toes and reach, flapping 
> up their wings and knocked all the nice ripe peaches off the trees...  
> (wild turkeys are BIG birds!).
> By long maturity trees, I mean ones like e.g. black walnuts--there was 
> a fire at the Saugus Iron Works some years back, and the had to 
> replace a something like four foot diameter walnut beam..... For that 
> matter, it took more than 20 years for a black walnut tree I planted, 
> to actually....  The butternut tree I planted at the same time, only 
> took around a decade to fruit.
> A cabinetmarker married to one of my cousins, says that cedar chests 
> made from too young cedar trees, don;t have the anti-moth aromatics in 
> the wood, that the trees need to be decades old to develop them....

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