[LMB] Colonies

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Wed Jul 24 17:22:35 BST 2019

Pat Mathews: > [Saruman's speech was] out of the 
>"backward people improvers" handbook, whether 
>missionaries, NGO's, or whatever: We are here to 
>Bring You Out Of Darkness Into Light. To mention that 
>this might be paternalism run rampant would be 
>greeted by most with "But they NEED it!" But the 
>top-down approach has many weaknesses.
Not to mention that the Light has many colors.  The
modern nations that were once colonies of Spain 
are different -- economically, socially, and in
ability to govern well -- than those which were 
former colonies of France. (Which have mostly 
been re-colonized by others)  The nations arising
from British colonization are different from 
those of the Dutch. 
Even in the recent century, we can compare "colonies"
established by "empires" and see how they fare.  South 
Korea vs Cuba or the Phillipines vs the Ukraine. 
To lump all efforts at "bringing enlightenment" into
a sin-bucket labeled "imperialism" is, at very best,
(and using one of my least favorite neologisms)
ObBujold -- the Cetas have several satrapies. The
Betans have several "daughter colonies".  Which
has more worlds under guidance, and how do benefit-
flows between Capital and Colony compare in the two

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