[LMB] punctuation

Luke Bretscher rocketman0739 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 22:04:07 BST 2019

On Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 12:58 PM John Lennard <john.c.lennard at gmail.com> wrote:
> Pat: (FIlk reference) "Does anal-retentive have a hyphen, or not?...."
> John: Depends if it's an adjective or a noun. He is an anal retentive, but
> that anal-retentive man.
> However, one could well argue that as an adjective it should take the form
> anally retentive, and the adjectival hyphen is not used when the first
> element ends -ly because it is not used when adverbs are involved (as "that
> sneakily deceptive stretch of road").

Great, now tell us if Dolly Parton really has what she's got.


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